The Linux Foundation’s AI Foundation & ODPi come together to support a growing portfolio of technologies and drive open source collaboration across AI and data

With ODPi, building products and services and ensuring the right data is understood, shared and protected is simple. We’re developing the only vendor neutral, open source standards to enable best practices for data governance, connectivity, business intelligence, and analytics. ODPi helps…

Data teams deliver the maximum value by reducing development time as resources are connected and used

Increase time-to-value for every product and platform in your tech stack

Improve cost effectiveness of your data sharing and analytics products by reducing the work needed to facilitate interactions between technology

Ensure privacy as data is shared and transferred

By openly collaborating with all stakeholders who curate, protect, analyze, or share data— including vendors, solution providers, practitioners, and data professionals—ODPi builds actionable solutions to meet all of the data challenges you face today.


ODPi is standardizing the big data ecosystem

ODPi is a non-profit organization supported by The Linux Foundation and dozens of individuals and member organizations. Members are committed to simplifying and standardizing the big data ecosystem so that data can be easily and securely shared across products, platforms, and systems. Learn more about the people and organizations involved in ODPi or to access publicly available resources.


ODPi is only as strong as its members. We need your ideas and input as we take ODPi in new directions. Join now and help design the future of data governance.


Join ODPi and help create the future of data governance

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