Increase Your Visibility

Be perceived as a leader in the Big Data space gives your customers and prospects more confidence in you. Benefits include:

  • Linux Foundation PR and social reach is massive, through channels such as and other key industry press relationships.
  • ODPi features members in social and press activities

Strengthen Your Big Data Solution

Having the best resources available for enabling your staff produces better product and solution results. Benefits include:

  • ODPi and the Linux Foundation training has partnered to deliver training on Hadoop that your organization can leverage.
  • Members receive discounted training and access to exclusive materials

Build Your Open Source Big Data Strategy

Your customers and prospects look for trusted advisors with great relationships with the upstream projects you support. Benefits include:

  • The Linux Foundation has expert resources in working with organizations to build open source strategies
  • ODPi has staff and members with deep experience in engaging with the various Apache Hadoop project communities

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