Governance Principles and Structure for the ODP

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Want to know more about what is going on with the Open Data Platform (ODP)? This post is the first in a series to offer that information. In it, we recap the ODP’s benefits, update on the collaboration with the Apache Software Foundation®, cover the information that is coming soon, and explain the overarching guiding principles.

ODP continues to make great strides since its introduction last February. Formed to simplify engineering and adoption as well as promote and advance the state of Apache Hadoop® and big data technologies for the enterprise, the ODP has grown to include dozens of member companies from throughout the industry. We have been laying the foundation for open governance, and this is the first in a series of blogs that will recap the progress and share the ODP’s guiding principles. Further blogs in the series will explore the governance of the ODP, the types of member companies and their roles, the processes for developer interactions and releases, and the work done by our board of directors. Summing up the Key Benefits—Why Become an ODP Member? The ODP is an initiative started by corporations, but decidedly for the broader Apache Hadoop community. While others have explained the benefits and goals in other articles, it can be simple summarized in five simple statements.

  1. Build a better end user experience. With the number of Hadoop ecosystem projects growing almost daily, the community needs to explicitly work on reducing friction, inefficiencies, and confusion as enterprises adopt Apache Hadoop platforms.
  2. Its open to all. With a very low hurdle for ANY developer or company to participate, it is feasible for any person or organization to get involved and have an impact.
  3. Eliminate R&D efficiencies for suppliers. With a shared qualification and testing toolset, it is easier for suppliers to integrate with a broader set of Hadoop projects.
  4. More value-added functionality and services, delivered more quickly. With streamlined R&D, developers can focus more effort on improving the Hadoop ecosystem with new capabilities, better scalability, tighter security, and greater manageability.
  5. Organized support for the ASF. This entire effort works in a supporting role to the ASF and promotes innovation and development of upstream projects  Industry collaboration will help “a 1000 flowers to bloom” within the Apache Software Foundation.

Progress—What is Already Here and What is Coming Soon? Building an organization like the ODP doesn’t happen overnight. We started with a set of guiding principles to inform the bylaws and operations. Specifically we stated our goals were to deliver:

  • Industrialization of Big Data – The structure and processes of the ODP are intended to optimally support our efforts to provide a stable, predictable and enterprise-ready ODP Core.
  • One member, one vote in ODP core content decisions – In keeping with the spirit of the open source movement that spawned Hadoop, ODP Core content decisions are made by all Members.
  • Complementary to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF)  – The ODP relies on the ASF to innovate and deliver the Apache project technologies included in the ODP core. As such, all ODP Apache-related planning and development will be done in the ASF.
  • Transparent technical processes – As part of our commitment to open source, the technical work of the ODP will be done through open collaboration across the industry.
  • Equal opportunity to participate in development efforts – We welcome ideas from every part of the industry. Anyone, regardless of ODP membership, is invited to participate in our development work.
  • No surprises – The spirit of openness also extends to our planning processes and project status, which are open to all.

Soon, much more detailed information will be available across all ODP-related elements—the business entity, board of directors, bylaws, operating procedures, membership levels, community roles, processes, testing, certifications, governance, and the ODP core release definition itself, determined and managed by the community members.   Learn More:

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