ODPi Egeria Release 1.2

By December 4, 2019Blog, ODPi Egeria

It’s only one month since the ODPi Egeria team published the first release cycle and the time has flown by. Today as planned, the team is releasing version 1.2, which will be available to download here.

This release has four key features:

  • Conformance test suite
  • Asset cataloging and consumption
  • Governance zones and metadata security
  • Open metadata archives

Let’s find out what these new features are:

Conformance Test Suite

If you want to test your metadata repository with Egeria, this is the tool to use! The Conformance Test Suite (CTS) will check how a repository works with Egeria. The CTS runs a number of tests to ensuring the repository can interact with Egeria as expected.

We have written two blogs on Conformance Test Suite these are:

What is Egeria’s Conformance Test Suite for Metadata Repositories? (Overview blog)

The ODPi Egeria Open Metadata Conformance Suite – Repository Workbench (Technical deep dive blog)

Why not check if your repository is conformant!


Asset cataloging and consumption

These are a set of new access services to support the cataloging of assets:

  • The Asset Consumer OMAS provides services for an individual who wants to work with an asset. Enabling them to manage the connection to the asset, provide feedback, create informal tags and more.
  • The Asset Owner OMAS supports the manual cataloging of new Assets with API’s and Notifications. This is key for asset owners who have to ensure the classification of assets and the assignment of connection(s) to the asset.

If you want to try out the new asset cataloging features check-out our: tutorials, hands-on labs, and samples.

Governance zones and metadata security

The team have added Metadata centric security to the Open Metadata and Governance (OMAG) Platform! This provides support for the Egeria metadata servers and future governance servers. The metadata security is controlled by a connector, that can validate access to individual servers, services, and assets based on the identity of the caller and the service or asset they wish to access.

The governance zones supported in this release are:

  • OpenMetadataServerSecurity
  • OpenMetadataServiceSecurity
  • OpenMetadataRepositorySecurity
  • OpenMetadataAssetSecurity
  • OpenMetadataConnectionSecurity

Open metadata archives

This last feature is an enhancement to support dynamic types and type patching in the Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS). The OMRS enables metadata repositories to exchange metadata irrespective of the technology, or technology supplier.

A second feature has additionally been added to load archives of metadata instances.


The ODPi Egeria team hope you enjoy the new features!  If you want to try them out, check out the links in this blog.

To Join the Egeria Project or view our Slack Channel follow the links below.

  • Contribute to ODPi Egeria 
  • Contact the team via slack – join here & go to #egeria-discussions. We’d love to hear what you think!
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