Where do You See Big Data and Analytics in 2020?

By January 8, 2020Blog, ODPi BI and AI

Which cloud data platform will be most popular in 2020? How many companies are performing artificial intelligence in the cloud? What’s the biggest challenge organizations are facing with BI on the cloud? You tell us!

OPDI is excited to participate in the Where do You See Big Data and Analytics in 2020 Survey and invite you to participate. It should take you about 15 minutes to complete. Your responses will be kept anonymous. To thank you for your participation, we will share a report outlining the findings in February 2020.

Since 2016, in collaboration with thier partners, AtScale has collected and synthesized responses from thousands of big data & analytics leaders like you from around the world and across industries. This year, AtScale has partnered with Cloudera and ODPi on a research study to determine how the market maturing around big data & analytics in 2020.

Core areas of analysis will be covered around self-service access to big data, empowering “citizen data analysts”, access to data and how it’s utilized to drive business insight and value highlighting new use cases. On the maturity scale, we will learn how enterprises are making the fundamental shift to building a foundation for advanced analytics and a data-driven culture.

We will determine the new overarching themes as big data continues to gain momentum and investment. Is data still siloed within organizations and has data literacy increased? How have organizations operationalized analytics within their broader technology infrastructure?

To take a look at the 2018 report, click here.



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