The Egeria Virtual Metadata Show London

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Metadata enabling Knowledge + Understanding

Join the open-source ODPi Egeria project team to discover how metadata can enable enterprise-wide knowledge and understanding for all data assets in an organization.

Find out how the Egeria Open Metadata Exchange Standard and capabilities, makes it possible for any tool or application repository to share Metadata in real-time.

With knowledge and understanding of all data assets, an organization can more readily realize many of their goals, such as:

  • Becoming data-driven
  • Attaining operational efficiency
  • Decommissioning obsolete applications
  • Providing the best customer interactions
  • or even, adhering to regulations

Egeria enables that organization to create a real-time interactive map of all data assets and their relationships whilst its people continue to use their favorite tools.  This is the first step to deriving value, which can lead to:

  • knowing the provenance of every data asset
  • understanding relationships between all your data stores
  • tracking the data lineage journeys from inception to multiple resting locations
  • determining which data sets are no longer relevant and can be archived
  • traveling through time to view data sources and their relationships as they were in the past
  • dealing with data duplication through stewardship services
  • federate all your existing data catalog without impacting or redeveloping them
  • embedding business glossaries to bring business context to your data
  • detecting changes in the data landscape as they occur and alert subscribers in real-time

Don’t let your data become a burden!  Find out how to liberate it with metadata.

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Coming soon: the full agenda including speakers from ING Bank, The Linux Foundation and IBM.

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