Egeria is Two Years Old!

By June 12, 2020Blog, ODPi Egeria
Wow, congratulations to the Egeria community – we are two years old! And what a two years it has been. Together we have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of metadata management and governance.
Just look at our achievements:
  • 500 linked open metadata types demonstrating how the knowledge from many tools can be linked together.
  • Open metadata repository interface proven for table, graph, and hierarchical DB stores.
  • Enterprise queries and replication across heterogeneous technologies
  • Conformance test suite and mark
  • Automated configuration of data virtualization technology and security as new data sets are added to a data lake
  • Suite of persona-based labs and tutorials using Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Virtual graph of metadata maintained across distributed heterogeneous metadata repositories.
  • Frameworks, APIs and connectors for minimizing integration cost for different types of technologies
  • Virtual repository explorer UI
  • Instance-based security
  • Controlling visibility of assets through zones
  • Scalable, secure platform configurable and customizable through connectors
  • Purpose-based data access
  • Metadata versioning and provenance
  • W3C semantic standards pattern for data model exchange
  • Automation of metadata acquisition through templates, daemons, discovery services, and stewardship.
  • Classification of assets
  • Reference data management
  • Multi-technology collaboration and feedback
  • Multi-domain governance model
  • Digital service lifecycle, from business design, development, devOps, and use.
  • Comprehensive open lineage services.
  • UI based on carbon
The impact is already profound and growing.  Our software amplifies the value that any integrated third-party technology brings to an organization through our knowledge sharing cohorts, APIs, and events. So what of the future? We have a strong and flexible platform with extensive services. Going forward, it is all about embracing new third party technologies, personas and use cases, and building partnerships with like-minded organizations. Thank you all for your dedication and support of the project.
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