The Egeria Dojo – Now Open!

By June 17, 2020Blog, ODPi Egeria
A dōjō is a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation. The Egeria Dojo provides a self-paced, intensive digital learning experience for the ODPi Egeria open source project.
Egeria supports the integration of many different types of technologies through metadata exchange. It has comprehensive APIs and Events along with a flexible distributed platform. There is a lot to learn! This is why the Egeria Dojo offers a 3-day intensive experience, taking you through the processes for running Egeria, contributing to Egeria, becoming an advocate, and also a maintainer.
With our busy lives, it is not always possible to dedicate three full days to a task. This is why each day of the dojo is broken down into bite-size 30-60 minute sessions so you can dip in and out as time permits. There are videos of presentations along with exercises guiding you through different experiments with the technology – all designed to support your specific learning style.
The Egeria Dojo is maintained as part of the Egeria open source project and so it is maintained by the community that built the software. As new capabilities come in – the dojo will also expand and, who knows, by the time you get to take the dojo, it will be a 4-day experience :). Enjoy!
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