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Resilience and agility depend on having an understanding of the resources at your disposal, along with the ability to locate them and take action – such as reconfigure, upgrade or switch to an alternative.

A metadata catalog is the heart of this capability in a digital enterprise.  It captures knowledge about your systems, applications, data, processes, and key individuals associated with them.  This knowledge is linked together and connected to the regulatory and other business strategic requirements so you have a complete picture of your organization’s resources and the requirements that drive their use.

Your metadata knowledge base then drives the automation for your business, ensuring compliance and efficiency. When the metadata is changed, the automation changes too, enabling rapid adaption to new situations.

Automation, both in the maintenance of the metadata catalog contents and in the use of metadata to drive the business requires a two-way exchange of metadata with many different digital technologies since each technology’s operational metadata must be continuously available, local and formatted for efficiency.

ODPi Egeria is an open source project, designed and built by software professionals with many years of experience in using metadata to create effective digital enterprises. Egeria creates an open, peer-to-peer exchange for metadata between technologies from multiple vendors, open source projects, and your own home-grown systems.

Metadata is gathered and distributed to each technology that needs it and Egeria provides federated queries to allow you to work with an enterprise view.  The webinar below covers the contents of a metadata catalog.

Visit our website to learn more: https://egeria.odpi.org/

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