Egeria Release 2.2

By September 14, 2020Blog, ODPi Egeria

Release 2.2 has just been shipped. This can be downloaded from GitHub as an archive, maven central, or of course, via the source on GitHub. The team has been busy & we’ve managed 530 commits from 15 contributors this month.

We have many bug fixes, dependency updates, and general improvements as we continue completing areas of the code, and very much appreciate the feedback via slack, our monthly calls & GitHub issues when issues are pointed out. As with last month, there’s been quite a lot of activity here around Subject Area OMAS and the UI.

There’s also been a lot of work preparing for our lineage support. Whilst still in development, the code is coming along well – but we still need to do some work on docs and other supporting material to explain how to use it.

Our containers have been useful for those getting started. In this release, the Egeria docker image is using a very recent version of Java as we hit some problems with the official docker jdk 8 images. In the next release, we expect to switch to a popular supported image with better ongoing support, which should make the image better suited for production.

Discussions around these areas and more continue via our GitHub issues, slack channels, and our weekly calls – please do join in and help make Egeria better.


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