VMblog: “ODPi 2017 Predictions: Rapidly-Growing and Ever-Evolving Big Data Landscape”

By December 27, 2016News

ODPi is a nonprofit organization committed to simplification & standardization of the big data ecosystem. As the VP of Technology for the Linux Foundation project and PMC member of Apache Bigtop, Groovy, Geode, Ignite and Incubator; Committer to Apache Hadoop and Giraph; and Mentor for Apache HAWQ (incubating), Apache MADlib (incubating) and Apache Fineract (incubating)  at Apache Software Foundation, I’m well-versed in Open Source trend identification and executing on strategies that complement these developments for the benefit of our community. I’ve put my trend observations for the big data landscape into the below predictions for the coming year. READ MORE.

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