ODPi specifications provide assurance to enterprises that any application deemed ODPi-interoperable will run on on any ODPi-compliant platform. This makes operating a hybrid production Hadoop environment easier, improves predictability and backwards compatibility.

Move Hadoop to production with confidence using these ODPi-Interoperable applications on top of any ODPi-Compliant Platform

“That’s where ODPi sees itself bringing value,” Gates said. “Specifying not what’s in this software, or writing competitive software, but specifying how this software is installed where it can be used regardless of which distribution it is, how is it configured -- all of those questions, which maybe aren’t as exciting as developing new software, but they’re questions you have to answer well in order for people to use your code.”

Alan GatesCo-founder of Hortonworks and ODPi Member

Since ODPi provides ISVs with a more stable and consistent target platform, enterprises that standardize on ODPi-Compliant Apache Hadoop distros will enjoy the richest diversity of applications possible.

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