Open source standards to enable best practices for data governance, connectivity, business intelligence, and analytics require a sustainable, vendor-neutral home. ODPi has built that home, leveraging the expertise of the Linux Foundation

Projects hosted by ODPi

Why host your project at ODPi?


A neutral home for your project increases the willingness of developers from other enterprise software companies, start-ups and independent developers to collaborate, contribute, and become committers. Vendor-neutrality creates a forum for innovation that connects consumers, vendors, developers, and solution providers in a non-competitive forum.

  • Endorsement by members of the ODPi’s Technical Steering Committee is an independent signal of the quality of your project
  • Existing committers still control your project, and we just ask that you document a neutral governance process
  • We’ll fund tools for use for your project community, such as mailing lists, discussion groups, Slack, and issue/feature management.
  • The Linux Foundation IT team is able to host and manage your build and distribution management tool chain, which can scale from complex, multi-architecture solutions to easy to get going cloud infrastructure.

Program Management

Leverage the expertise of ODPi’s parent organization, The Linux Foundation, which hosts other successful projects including Hyperledger, ONAP, the Linux kernel, Let’s Encrypt, and Node.js.

  • Access to full-time ODPi staff who are eager to assist your project in myriad ways and help make it successful.
  • The staff can leverage the entire 150+ person LF team for best practices, and link to groups like CHAOSS and TODO for ensuring community health and growth.

Event Management

Events are a part of ODPi’s core strategy and they help your project build a community with face-to-face interaction and knowledge sharing.

  • Run events targeted specifically for your project.
  • Travel funding available for your non-corporate-backed developers and to increase attendance of women and other underrepresented minorities
  • Connect to our worldwide network of ODPi meetup groups and ambassadors to raise awareness of your project
  • ODPi engages with the events of its parent, the Linux Foundation, which are called Open Source Summits (OSS) and held every year in North America, Europe, Japan, and China, as well as the invitation-only Open Source Leadership Summit
  • ODPi assists with sponsorship leads, media introductions, co-location opportunities and marketing of the event
  • ODPi participates in events globally such as IBM THINK, Dataworks Summit, Strata, and more. We can work with your project to secure speaking slot(s) and onsite press interviews, as well as host meetups or other activities onsite.
  • We promote all ODPi projects at events in our general speaking sessions and interviews, which helps connect users and developers to our projects
  • Project contributors are welcome to use any ODPi booth presence as a “home base” for meeting colleagues

Marketing Services and Programs

ODPi provides a full portfolio of marketing services to support community and ecosystem engagement. This includes:

  • Content ranging from ODPi webinars, the ODPi blog, case studies, newsletters, presentations, and more
  • Oversee blog editorial calendars and writing, editing, and/or identifying and funding freelancers to develop content
  • Yearly project media velocity reports
  • Pre-ordered, project-branded swag for your project
  • Help develop the project website
  • Have your project included in LF properties and channels

PR and Communications

ODPi has an established cadence and runway of communications, from quarterly newsletters to hundreds of data enthusiasts to several posts a day shared on our Twitter and LinkedIn presences.

Your project can be featured in this regular drumbeat, but depending upon the message and impact our resources in the Linux Foundation also open the doors to opportunities such as:

  • Engagement with positive media and analyst coverage to create greater awareness of project milestones, community growth, and developer engagement
  • Promote project news and milestones through other channels: journalists, analysts, and news releases/blogs
  • Identify top publications/podcasts (Bloomberg, Changelog, eWeek, Fortune, Forbes, InfoWorld, The New Stack, etc.) and develop plans to earn coverage through contributed articles, quotes, interviews, and news pick-up
  • Develop thought leadership reports, surveys, success stories, and case studies (print and video)
  • Secure analyst briefings for inclusion in reports: Gartner, Forrester, IDC, RedMonk, 451 Research and more
  • Organize media/analyst luncheons,1:1 meetings at key events (for example, we scheduled back-to-back meetings with the ODPi Egeria project leads at Open Source Summit 2018 in Vancouver)
  • Build and showcase thought leadership stories of your project used in production.

Legal, Certification, and Training Services

ODPi sees training and conformance programs as key to new technology adoption, and would actively work with your project as it matures to build training and certification programs for developers as well as vendor conformance programs to ensure there diverse and open ecosystem for solutions to thrive.

Working with the Linux Foundation legal, ODPi provides expert guidance on ensuring your project can properly manage contributions, license compliance, and code providence – all of which enables more contributions and more use of your project.

  • Templates and best practices for contribution and governance structure.
  • DCO/CLA systems that integrates with GitHub.
  • Access to ODPi and LF staff should any legal questions arise.
  • Secure and protect your project’s trademarks and branding.

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