ODPi’s Open Governance Project is establishing best practices for data sharing.

Data sharing across platforms and systems requires more than a technical standard. That’s why ODPi is working to establish best practices for organizations working with data—identifying the various roles and necessary skills to establish the technology standards and practices for more effective data governance.

ODPi favors collaboration over competition. We’re committed to working together. So we bring various organizations together to find solutions to technology and organizational challenges.

Learn more about ODPi’s Open Governance Project below.


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ODPi Member Spotlight: Interview with Ferd Scheepers, Chief Information Architect, ING

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ODPi Announces New Egeria Conformance Program to Advance Open Metadata Exchange Between Vendor Tools

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SAN FRANCISCO, February 11, 2019 - ODPi, a nonprofit Linux Foundation project, accelerating the open ecosystem of big data solutions, today announced the ODPi Egeria Conformance Program, which ensures vendors who ship ODPi Egeria…