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Egeria is the world’s first open source metadata standard. It provides open APIs, event formats, types and integration logic so organizations can share data management and governance across the entire enterprise without reformatting or restricting the data to a single format, platform, or vendor product.

Data governance and security are critical concerns for data-driven organizations. And increasing government regulations ensure that the use and management of metadata will continue to be an important focus for anyone who uses and stores important data.

How Egeria makes data sharing easier.
ODPi Egeria creates a set of open APIs, types and interchange protocols to allow all metadata repositories to share and exchange metadata securely. From this common base, it adds governance, discovery, and access frameworks for automating the collection, management, and use of metadata across an enterprise. The result is a catalog of data resources that are transparently assessed, governed, and used to deliver maximum value to the whole enterprise. Egeria is build on open standards and delivered via an Apache 2.0 open source license.

ODPi Egeria - Project Objectives

The objectives of the new open metadata and governance function for ODPi Egeria: Automation, Business Value and Connectivity. Read more >

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Learn more about Egeria’s open metadata standard and governance, or to join the community of developers, data practitioners, vendors and governance experts who are building the next iteration of Egeria, visit the Egeria website.

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A dōjō is a hall or place for immersive learning or meditation. The Egeria Dojo provides a self-paced, intensive digital learning experience for the ODPi Egeria open source project. Egeria…

Egeria Release 1.8

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Egeria is Two Years Old!

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Egeria Find Methods Now Support Case-Insensitive Searches

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Back in November, I blogged about how to use Egeria's 'find' methods to search for entities and relationships. That article introduced the Metadata Collection interface find methods (e.g. findEntitiesByPropertyValue or findRelationshipsByPropertyValue). It…

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