ODPi reduces the need for ISVs to create and maintain customized versions of their software to support multiple Hadoop distributions. Any software or application successfully tested against one ODPi-compliant platform will work with any ODPi-compliant platform.

Standardization is very helpful and powerful in a technology ecosystem, as it provides compatibility. ODPi helps reduce the complexity and set-up time associated with ensuring compatibility. ISVs can now focus time on the business problems of their customers. We can innovate rapidly! This will help make Hadoop consumable for enterprises. ODPi is an essential step in the right direction.

Ampool (ODPi Member)

We expect the ODPi runtime specification to simplify developing and testing applications that work across distros and hence lower the cost of building Apache Hadoop-based big data applications. DataTorrent, for example, can certify RTS installation and runtime for ODPi and know it will work with multiple platform providers.

In the words of industry expert Nik Rouda of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) - “The turbulent big data market needs more confidence, more maturity, and less friction for both technology vendors and consumers alike. ESG research found that 85% of those responsible for current Apache Hadoop deployments believed that ODPi would add value.”

DataTorrent (ODPi Member)

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