ODPi provides cross-compatibility between different distributions of Hadoop and big data technologies

ODPi Core specifies how Apache components should be installed and configured and provides a set of tests for validation to make it easier to create big data solutions and data-driven applications.

ODPi Core is not a distribution, it’s an industry standard deployment model over which the industry can build enterprise-class big data solutions.

ODPi Core consists of two separate, but related, specifications:

1. ODPi Runtime Spec – defines a standard configuration of a Hadoop distro. Release 1 of the Runtime Spec came out on March 31, 2016.

To be Runtime Spec Compliant, a Hadoop Distro must:

  • Be a descendant of Version 2.7
  • Use version 7 or 8 of Java
  • Expose environmental variables
  • Not alter the public API

Vendors may include additional features/functions, provided that:

  • They make the source code available
  • All the code must be committed to the ASF

These controls ensure that Big Data Application Vendors can, to the greatest extent possible, test their App against one ODPi Runtime-Compliant Distro and be confident that it will run on All ODPi Runtime-Compliant Distros

Read the spec and access the test harness here https://github.com/odpi/specs/blob/master/ODPi-Runtime.md

2. ODPi Operation Spec – defines a standardized methodology for managing and installing applications into a Hadoop cluster. Release 1 of the Operations Spec is planned for Summer 2016. Read the draft here https://github.com/odpi/specs/blob/master/ODPi-Operations.md