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The importance of Knowledge and Understanding


But, what does 19583.42 mean?

19583.42 is a data asset, held in a database.  But what does it mean? How is it used by data consumers? Is it personal or sensitive information?  Where is it used?  Where does it come from? How is it Classified or Tagged?  Does it belong to any Projects? Is it a character, number or decimal type? Does it represent a cost? Has it been calculated? Is it raw data? Is it accurate?

To answer these sorts of questions we need to understand the context of the number, which we get from the metadata

The data asset “19583.42” needs meaningful metadata!

Knowledge and Understanding of an organizations data assets is key to enable organizations goals, such as:

  • Becoming data-driven
  • Attaining operational efficiency
  • Decommissioning obsolete applications
  • Providing the best customer interactions
  • or even, adhering to regulations

However, Knowledge and understanding are difficult to achieve when the pace of change is outstripping resources.  Organizations face many data challenges:

These issues cause the organization data landscape to become a challenging environment.

Learn how Egeria’s open architecture can unify the data landscape and provide valuable insights into an organization’s data needs in a digital economy.

Check out what’s happening with the Egeria project, meet some of the maintainers and contributors and discover how to gain enterprise-wide knowledge and understanding

Find out how you can start to remove your Data Challenges with Egeria!

Click on the following links to:

Register for The Egeria Metadata Show London in central London on Tuesday, 24th March 2020.

Coming soon: the full agenda including speakers from ING Bank, The Linux Foundation and IBM.

Register now!

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